Natural Cinnamon Toothpicks 100nos 
Normal Toothpicks is useful only after a meal, but Cino Ceylon Cinnamon Toothpicks is totally different. 
The more you chew the stronger its gets.  
Try these quality cinnamon toothpicks and enjoy full flavor without sugar, calories or smoke. 
It’s comes with pleasant test and aroma.
The Real Miracle plant, the World’s best Ceylon cinnamon is used to manufacture this products. We use 100% pure Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil to manufacture this products.
Health benefits :
  •     Kills bacterial in the mouth.
  •     Can be used to help quit smoking.
  •     Shows positive health effects on cholesterol and insulin.  
  •     Oil is actually a natural brain tonic that helps improve memory and remove tension and nervousness. 

Cinnamon toothpicks are wooden toothpicks, round with one or two pointed ends, that have been soaked in oleoresin of cinnamon or cinnamon extract, then dried. 

The toothpicks can be used to aid in smoking cessation, to curb snacking between meals, as a breath freshener or - as a normal toothpick - to remove particles of food between teeth.

Cinnamon flavor will typically range from mild to hot, depending on the brand.

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